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Plasma Cutting

High Definition Plasma Cutting Machine

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Introduction - RUR

The RUR is a machine that has been designed with reliability, ease of use and expandability in mind. It includes several key features that we believe differentiates the RUR from its competition and other machines within the Kerf range.

The RUR is available with cut widths of 1,500mm, 2,000mm, 2,500mm and 3,000mm.

The crossbeam is a fabricated steel construction that is stress relieved and precision machined, the result of which provides a strong lightweight structure that is ideal for modern high-speed plasma cutting machines. The strength to weight ratio of the RUR enables rapid acceleration and deceleration without putting motors and drive train under excessive load.

The result is a smooth running, low resonance, precision frame onto which we can mount a choice of plasma or gas cutting heads. The crossbeam runs on precision linear rails and bearings that run the length of the machine and it is driven by twin synchronised servomotors to ensure positional accuracy.

The design of the RUR is such that the machine can be configured with an optimum cut length be it for single sheet or pendulum loading to maximise productivity. The design is such that it can be extended at a later date should the need arise.

The support tables are isolated from the side rail assemblies to ensure that the key precision and drive elements are not affected by shock loading, power surges or the intense localised heat generated during the cutting process.

The RUR offers users a high quality cost effective reliable precision profiling system with excellent accuracy, durability and repeatability.

Control System

Reliable and repeatable positioning of the cutting head is essential for precision cutting using a high definition cutting system.

The Burny® Division of Cleveland Motion Controls manufactures a range of easy to use shape-cutting motion control solutions for oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting machines. They have supplied approximately 30,000 Burny® controllers worldwide.

The Burny 10 LCD has taken the next step in PC-based shape-cutting motion control.

The control is an industrial-grade PC, designed to operate in extreme shop environments where temperature and humidity extremes, metal dust, RF radiation, vibration, and constant machine movement are commonplace. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and allows multiple control and program tasks to be completed simultaneously.

The BURNY 10 LCD produces extremely precise and repeatable motion control by utilizing a Windows® embedded operating system and real-time motion control.

The control also contains a large, 15", full-colour, touch screen interface as well as familiar features common to all BURNY products: including help screens, 50 shape library, and the ability to create/edit shapes within the control.

Plasma units for RUR machines

Kerf offer a range of plasma units that satisfy demand from entry level air plasma systems through to the leading high definition plasma cutting systems.

Plasma and machine tool suppliers may make claims for the cutting capability of their plasma units for materials using ideal conditions, premium grade material and new consumables.

The figures quoted by Kerf are based on “normal” working conditions, materials and consumables. We have set out below our expectations for what you could achieve in a production cutting environment using the Kaliburn 150 amp, 200 amp and 275 amp units.

These plasma units are available in either ProLine or Spirit configurations. One key differentiator with the ProLine and Spirit range is the ability to mark and cut using the same consumables with the Spirit.

Spirit (automatic gas console)

Maximum thickness 25mm, Mild Steel (200 amp - Spirit 200)
Power requirements 415v, 58amps,- 42 Kva (200 amp - Spirit 200)

Torch Height Control

The key to consistent cut quality and consumable life is a high quality plasma source, accurate CNC control and a precision height control unit.

The INOVA torch height control is a microprocessor-based torch height control system that accurately sets the initial piercing height and controls the torch-to-work distance of a plasma torch during cutting operations.

Each system includes a control module, plasma system interface module, a torch lifter assembly, interconnecting cables and breakaway kit to prevent damage to the torch in the event of a collision.

We believe that for your project the Kaliburn Fineline 200, (200amp) with INOVA torch height control would prove to be the most cost-effective unit for you.

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