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The Process of CNC Profile Cutting

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Plasma cutting guarantees quality, consistency and because of this means it is a cost-effective solution to the cutting process.

CNC Plasma cutting was initially developed to cut materials that were unsuitable for flame cutting for instance steel or aluminium, however the process is now used more widely and is suitable for a variety of carbon steel and thin low alloyed steels.

What does the process include?

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CNC profile cutting is a cost-effective method of cutting two dimensional profiles from steel sheet and plate using a CNC controlled cutting machine.

A CNC profile cutter is a metal plate cutting machine that uses plasma cutting technology to cut through metal.

The plasma cutting process uses electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from an electrical power source through a plasma cutter torch to the material being cut.

The plasma arc consists of a power supply, arc starting circuit and a torch. With a combination of electrical energy and ionization means it’s possible to produce highly precise cuts on a variety of different materials.

The Torch acts as the holder for the goods and also includes the nozzle and electrode which provides a cooling process to these parts. The nozzle and electrode narrow and maintain the plasma jet.

The speed and cut of the system is determined by the power supply. The power to the unit ensures the correct energy is being supplied to the machine to maintain the plasma arc after ionization. 

This voltage is used to create a high intensity arc inside the torch to ionize the gas and as a result produces the plasma.


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