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Plasma Cutting Or Laser Cutting... Which Is Better?

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Having continuously invested in modern plasma cutting equipment over the years, the team at Patrick Steel Ltd can fabricate a wide range of products at highly competitive prices. Operating from our fully equipped workshop in Coventry, all our metalwork is completed to the strictest of standards, producing parts and components that meet a variety of customer requirements across multiple industries.

The Differences Between Laser Cutting & Plasma Cutting…

Plasma Cutting

Used in conjunction with (C.A.D) Computer Aided Design software, Plasma cutting machines produce highly accurate components in a consistent and time-efficient manner. Electric current and compressed gas are passed through a confined opening (under pressure) to cut through the metal plate, achieving a neat and precise finish every time.

Benefits Of Plasma Cutting:

  • Fast and cost effective
  • A.D Integration
  • Can be used to cut through all metals
  • Highly accurate
  • Achieves a consistent finish
  • High quality part replication
  • Reduced lead times

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting can be used to cut through a wider variety of media, without being restricted to just metal. The surface material does not require clamping into position and no configuration of the cutting equipment is needed.  Laser cutting can be used to both engrave and cut-out formations using variable power distribution. Any excess or molten material is cleared from the surface using compressed gas to achieve a smooth and precise finish.

Benefits Of Laser Cutting:

  • Ideal for complex and intricate shapes
  • Capable of cutting and engraving
  • Can be used to cut through acrylic and wood
  • Requires minimal configuration


Although Plasma cutting and Laser cutting are both quick and precise, Plasma cutting is the better process for cutting metals. Plasma cutting offers high quality part replication, achieves a consistent finish and can cut through all types of metals, whereas Plasma cutting offers engraving functionality and is better suited to cut softer materials such as wood and acrylic.

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