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Do Plasma Cutters Really Produce Clean Cuts?

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We are often asked if Plasma cutting does what it says on the tin and produces precise cutting.

Precision plasma cutting has come a long way and the latest technologies provides a clean, sharp cut.

Plasma cutting cuts through conductive material with ease including stainless steel, aluminium, brass even copper. In fact, Plasma cutting can cut through any metal, regardless of the thickness.

Plasma cutting can do this cut through any metal with ease.

By creating a complete electric circuit combined with compressed gas, which is blown threw a nozzle at high-speed means the cuts are precise and quick.

In addition to this, an electrical arc from the cutter torch travels down the plasma and ionizes the gas. This creates an electronically conductive channel of plasma which in turn creates enough heat to melt through any metal.

This combination of electricity and gas ensures a precise cut every time.

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