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Advantages Of Flame Cutting

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Flame cutting is one of the most widely used cutting techniques for metal fabrication as the equipment has a relatively low cost and can be used to cut, weld, and heat steel. Flame cutting is versatile and can be used to weld almost any type of metal. The flame used in flame cutting burns at 6000 degrees Fahrenheit and is the only gas flame that is hot enough to melt the vast majority of all commercial metals.

This type of machine has the ability to cut a broad range of metal thicknesses, from 1 millimetre to 1000 millimetres. Flame cutting employs multiple-torch capability, meaning the process is ideal for high production runs.

Flame cutting offers slow piercing and varied cutting speeds. Thin materials are cut at 30 Inches per Minute (IPM), with thick materials of 1.5 inches and above cut at around about 15 IPM. This makes flame cutting an ideal system to cut a variety of metals.

Flame cutting can also prove the best choice for cutting when the metal is to be subjected to additional machining activities since it often requires secondary operations to produce a satisfactory finished product.


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