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CNC Plasma Cutting, Flame Cutting & Lumsden Grinding Services Coventry

additional steelwork services

Welcome to Patrick Steel Ltd, specialists in the provision of flame cutting, CNC profile cutting and Lumsden grinding services throughout Coventry, surrounding areas of the Midlands and the rest of the UK. With a wealth of knowledge in the steelwork industry, we are able to accommodate small, singular orders as well as large batch quantities through a fast and efficient CNC flame cutting and grinding service. Our team of experienced and well trained metalworkers ensure a quick turn around time, guaranteeing rapid deliveries at competitive prices to all customers.

Plasma Cutting

CNC High Definition Profile Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting - CNC High Definition Profile Cutting Machine


We have one High Definition Plasma cutting machine.

The machine is capable of cutting Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Thickness range of 1mm up to 25mm.

It is operated using the latest Lantek Software.

It is capable of accuracy of up to ± 0.5mm.

Flame Cutting

CNC Profile Cutting Machine

Flame Cutting - CNC Profile Cutting Machine


We have 4 CNC Oxy-propane flame profiling machines.

Each is digitally connected to our CAD/CAM systems. They have 5 heads per machine and are capable of cutting profiles upto 6,000mm x 3,00mm. Various thicknesses of steel plate are available from 5mm to 300mm in grades S275/43A, S355/50B and EN8.

We can work from simple sketches, engineering drawings or electronic DXF files. We can also reverse engineer existing jobs using our magic eye scanner.

Lumsden Grinding

Grinding Machine

Lumsden Grinding - Grinding Machine


We have 5 Lumsden Grinding (Rotary) machines.

Two 60" (1524mm) - Two 48" (1220mm) - One 36" (915mm) diameter tables.


Unspecified 0.25mm (10 thou) - Specified 0.1mm (4 thou). Flat / parallel to within 2 thou per linear foot.

We Can Grind Free Issue Material As Well As Flame Cut Profiles

Steelwork Materials Used

We stock a wide variety of mild steels in different grades and thicknesses.
Plate Thickness: 5mm to 300mm
BS EN100 025 S275 (formerly known as BS4360 grade 43A)
BS EN100 025 S355JR (formerly known as BS4360 grade 50B)
BS 970 080M40 grade EN8

Please see: UK & International Equivalent Grades and Comparison of EN10025 & BS4360 for full list.

More specialist steel specifications can be ordered to suit your requirements.

All materials can be supplied with full certification on request.

Patrick Steel Ltd
Unit 38 Bayton Road, Exhall, Coventry, CV7 9EJ
Phone: 02476 645 422